Tampa Bay Startup Helps Drivers Connect The Dots When It Comes To Car Engine Light Mysteries

Carvoyant, Gazelle Lab Program graduate, develops tool for consumers to better manage the needs of their cars.

TAMPA BAY, FLA. – MAY 2012 – Tampa Bay based startup venture Carvoyant is quickly gaining traction in the marketplace. Carvoyant is a technology company established to help drivers eliminate the mystery behind the check engine light while helping repair shops connect with a car owner at the vary moment a car needs service.

Established in August 2012, the company was accepted into and completed the Gazelle Lab incubator program which culminated in a well attended demo day held in mid November at the Mahaffey Theater in St Petersburg. Since then, Carvoyant has made great strides in establishing itself as an important tool for consumers to better manage the needs of their cars.

Here’s how the company’s service works: Carvoyant sells a small piece of hardware, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, which plugs into a car’s onboard diagnostic system. The customer downloads a free app to a smart phone and syncs the app to the device via Bluetooth and as the car is driven around town the system picks up data from the car and sends it to Carvoyant. When a check engine light, or service maintenance indicator is ignited, Carvoyant reads and translates the codes and then sends an alert message to the driver alerting them as to what is going on in their car. This same message is sent to a local repair shop who then reaches out to the driver to schedule an appointment.

Founders Bret Tobey, Renz Kuipers and Matt Galvin have been busy creating the technological platform to enable this messaging to occur while also seeking investors in their venture. On top of building the business, they managed to create some national PR buzz by being interviewed for an article in the April issue of Inc. Magazine. The article can be read at: http://www.inc.com/magazine/201204/april-joyner/elevator-pitch-can-carvoyant-raise-1.5-million.html.

Through their PR efforts, the team has launched their beta product to get users on their platform to vet out the technology and enhance how well they are accessing different vehicles. By the end of May the team will further roll out their beta to local Tampa Bay based repair shops to continue the refinement process and gain metrics on consumer acceptance.

The team is working hard to build the next great company to be based in Tampa Bay. Carvoyant plans to keep the company in the Tampa Bay area due to Florida’s favorable business climate and access to a high caliber of tech talent via graduates from the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. Moreover, as seasoned businessmen, Carvoyant’s founders find Tampa Bay to be a great place to raise their respective families.

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