Arts & Entrepreneurship Intersect In New Company, Podcast

Tampa, FL, June 25, 2014 — There’s a new vision for artists and creatives emerging and it’s not “starving”. The minds behind Arts & Company, a division of Imaginary Mind Productions, see a different future for the creative industries–one in which they can enjoy a better quality of life and do what they love. Arts & Company strives to foster the creative industries through tools and programs that help artists improve their business. The concept arises from a view that artists and creatives can now take charge of their industry in ways which haven’t existed prior, due to the emerging digital market and a massive surge in the support of entrepreneurship.

One of the first products to launch is a new podcast, dubbed Creative Economy Explosion, which focuses on the information needed to support the business of the arts in the current state of the economy. The show features valuable tips, information and interviews with experts that guide, inspire and educate “Artapreneurs”–those ambitious individuals who share a vision of their own for success through entrepreneurship and artistry. “We saw a need to fill the gap in the world of the creative industries–to educate people like us who have a dream to do what they love and make a decent living doing so,” says president of the company and host of the show, Aris Creates. “Many times they only lack a set of skills or behaviors which could put them where they want to be in life, and we hope to provide that missing link.”

Arts & Company will serve it’s audience through a membership site, media and publications, events, training, coaching and other products and services. Creative Economy Explosion is the first of the products geared toward this audience to be publicly available from the company. The show can be found on the company site, and in the iTunes store, with additional distribution outlets and products to come.


Contact person: Aris

Company name: Imaginary Mind Productions Co

Telephone number: 813-567-1444

Email address:


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